The Hole Story

The Hole Story

Sometimes you cannot believe what you read, so we at MatrixSystems have the “HOLE” story for you.  The name to know:  EDWIN HUBER.

Watches, army knives, cheese, MatrixSystems all have one thing in common, Swiss Quality. Yes, even MatrixSystems.

Much like the brilliance of the Swiss Army Knife or the wonder of the Swiss Alps, this Switzerland-born stand builder-turned-inventor has innovation baked into his DNA. Mr. Huber is the genius behind the revolutionary MartixSystems, the aluminum frame with large holes used in exhibit and exhibition design and construction worldwide.

1n 1993, Edwin Huber knew the exhibition industry was due for a thrilling new concept. While attending  EuroShop in Dusseldorf he meet a Belgium light manufacturer that used a perforated steel  profile for lighting. When he inquired about other applications, they replied, only light fixtures.

Mr. Huber teamed up with the light manufacturer, paid for the development and tooling so they could produce this frame and the Matrix Architecture System became reality. In 1997 Edwin decided to produce the frame in Switzerland, and Matrix-Systems GmbH, the Original MatrixSystems was in place.

Edwin Huber, the genius behind MatrixSystems, is more than a good story or a historical figure.  His big ideas are still progressive, creative and available to the exhibit industry globally.

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