3 Pin Corner Plate Connector

3 Pin Corner Right Plate_4008 5000 003R
3 Pin Corner Left Plate_4008 5000 003L

3 Pin Corner Plate Connector

Corner Steel Connector, using 3 pins, is used with door frames (and other unique frame attachments) as base and top plates between two frames to complete a 90 degree corner. Available in both left and right corner configurations. The screw holes between connections in the steel plate are for wall and other wood attachments as required.

90 Degree - Right & Left Options

Chrome Finished Steal

SKU (LEFT): 4008 5000 003L
SKU (LEFT M6): 4006 5000 003L
SKU (RIGHT): 4008 5000 003R
SKU (RIGHT M6): 4006 5000 003R